Ready! to Start a Business in Middlesex County

   Middlesex County is a business-friendly community with simple processes for opening or operating a business.  Whether large or small business, franchise or entrepreneur, companies located in Middlesex have access to knowledgeable County staff and a wide variety of helpful resources.

Depending upon the type of company you are planning to start, the registration and licensing requirements vary at the state and local levels. For this reason, the Economic Development Office highly recommends using the Virginia Business One Stop and/or the UMW Small Business Development Center for guidance throughout the initial registration process.  They can also guide you through important components of establishing your business, including development of a business plan.

If you’ve already developed your business plan and are ready to establish a Middlesex location, the process is quite simple and involves just five steps:

  Congratulations on becoming a business owner, and welcome to Middlesex County. To make this application process a little easier for you, we have put together a packet of information and a list of things you will need to do before you can get you Business License. All of these things must be done or provided before your license will be issued by the County.

Step 1: You will need to check with the Zoning Department to be sure that a business is allowed at your selected location. The person you will need to speak with is Mr. David Kretz. The number to the Zoning office is (804) 758-3382.


Step 2: If your intent is to have an assumed or fictitious name for your business, you will need to file a Certificate of Assumed or Fictitious Name with the Clerk of the Court. This will prevent another business in the county from using the same business name. The number to the Clerk’s office is (804) 758-5317. 

Step 3: The business license application will need to be filled out and returned to the Commissioner of the Revenue’s office with the applicable license fee.  The number to the Commissioner of Revenue's Office is (804)758-5331.


Step 4: Contractors must file a Workman’s Compensation Certification form.


Step 5:  Contractors must also provide our office with a copy of their State Contractor’s License.


A copy of these steps can be viewed or saved here.

* All of the above departments are located at the Middlesex Woodward building at 877 General Puller Hwy, Saluda, VA.  23149.

Relocating a Business to Middlesex County

Companies considering relocation to Middlesex County are afforded the same attention and effort towards meeting your unique needs as part of the existing business community.  Below you will find helpful links to descriptive community information and to a comprehensive database of available sites and buildings.  Please contact the Middlesex Economic Development Office for more detailed information or for assistance in identifying properties suitable for your operations -- (804) 758-4330 / (804) 654 -1363.

Real Estate & Development Areas

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Community Profiles

The Commonwealth of Virginia also offers information through two state agencies - the Virginia Employment Commission and Virginia Economic Development Partnership – that is updated on a regular basis.  These profiles provide details ranging from the geographic layout of the County to recent employment trends.